4WD Self Recovery Techniques and Equipment

We’ve all been bogged. We’ve all been alone. Most of us have been stuck and alone at the same time. While this can make you worry about what you’re going to do next, there’s a range of self recovery techniques that any 4WD’er can use that will get them out of almost any situation.

Offroading on a small scale

Hitting the dirt can be even more fun when it's on a smaller scale!

Mt Mee Day Trip, March 2020

With a small window in our lockdown, we headed out to one of our local spots.

Locked down in self isolation? Boredom busters for 4WD’ers

With the country-wide, and world-wide, lockdowns and self-isolations happening as part of the worlds response to the Covid 19 pandemic,...

Vehicle Battery Types Explained

Every car has them, but we don’t all know much about them - car batteries. We’re here to clear up the confusion and help you decide what type of car battery suits your use.

What tyres should I put on my 4WD?

This is an age-old question that’s been asked since people first took their cars up a few bumpy dirt roads. What is the best type of 4WD tyre, and why? Lets see if we can answer that for you.

Utes vs Wagons – Whats best for 4-wheel-driving?

It’s an ongoing battle between two equally passionate camps. What’s best to go 4WD’ing? A ute or a wagon? We outline the sides in this epic “battle of the fourbies” to see what is best for you.

All about tyre pressure

How many times have you had someone say “You need to run 24PSI here. No exceptions”, and actually be right? We haven’t either, so we’ve put together this article on tyre pressure, what to do, and what not to do.

When things go wrong in the Australian outback

It was one of those “trip-of-a-lifetime” deals for my wife's birthday. It started out amazingly, and ended… less than well. Read about the bad, and good, parts of being stranded in the Aussie outback.