4WD accessories – What do you really need?

With the amount of 4WD accessories available today, it’s very easy to go overboard and throw your hard-earned money into...

Hayman Reece Hitch Step Review

We've used this step for a while now, and what do we think?

The Trackz Adventure Prado 150

Come and see the details of the Trackz Adventure Prado 150!

Toyota releases details on 2021 Hilux with updated turbo diesel engine

With the world looking on after the disaster of the DPF issues in recent years, Toyota has released details of the updated 2021 Toyota Hliux, including an updated 150kw/500Nm 2.8L diesel engine in an attempt to match it’s closest rivals.

Why 4WD tracks get locked up

With the current lockdowns being relaxed all around the country, now is a good time to remind everyone that we all still need to use good behaviour when we are out on the tracks so we don’t lose more than we already have.

4WD Self Recovery Techniques and Equipment

We’ve all been bogged. We’ve all been alone. Most of us have been stuck and alone at the same time. While this can make you worry about what you’re going to do next, there’s a range of self recovery techniques that any 4WD’er can use that will get them out of almost any situation.

Offroading on a small scale

Hitting the dirt can be even more fun when it's on a smaller scale!

Mt Mee Day Trip, March 2020

With a small window in our lockdown, we headed out to one of our local spots.

Locked down in self isolation? Boredom busters for 4WD’ers

With the country-wide, and world-wide, lockdowns and self-isolations happening as part of the worlds response to the Covid 19 pandemic,...

Vehicle Battery Types Explained

Every car has them, but we don’t all know much about them - car batteries. We’re here to clear up the confusion and help you decide what type of car battery suits your use.