We say hello to our new brakes

We say hello to our new brakes

We’ve gone ahead and done one of the upgrades that we have needed for a little while, and that’s a complete set of new brake pads and brake rotors all around. We haven’t replaced the pads since we bought the Prado, and they were starting to get a little too far gone to save.

While the fronts were not too bad and would have lasted for another 20-30,000km’s at least, the rears were right on the limit of what’s workable so really needed to be swapped out.

Our choice of pads are Bendix pads made for 4WD’ers. So far these seem to be great. There’s no brake squeal like the factory pads can do sometimes, and they do stop well. The rotors are the biggest change, and will hopefully give us better performance. We’ve gone for a set of Bendix slotted rotors, again designed for off-road use. The slotted design allows for heat, debris and water to be ejected from the discs instead of being wedged between the pad and the rotor.

As far as performance goes, our quick on-road testing so far has been very good. I’m harpy with how the car’s stopping and it does feel more secure than it did before. We’re going to be trying to get to a few track to test it out offroad very soon!

So what d you think? Would you have done the same or different? Do you need to look at increasing stopping power on your rig? Let us know in the comments below.


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