4WD accessories – What do you really need?

4WD accessories – What do you really need?

With the amount of 4WD accessories available today, it’s very easy to go overboard and throw your hard-earned money into things that don’t help or make your rig worse. We’ve thought about this a lot and put together our list of 4WD accessories and our opinion on if they are really needed.

Over the next weeks we’ll be releasing 15 articles on 4WD accessories with all of the information to decide on if you really need that, or not.

The one thing that we also want to say is that you should always think about why you want that shiny new thing. Will it actually help our your driving, or do you want it because everyone else has one? As with everything else in the world, before you fork out your hard-earned money, take a moment to sit back and think about what you really need, Sometimes you’ll go out and buy that part because you will use it, but sometimes you’ll end up getting something different or nothing at all!

Anything Illegal – Just Don’t!

This is one thing that we see time and time again. There’s just too many 4WD’s running around with illegal tyres, suspension, lights and more. Not only is this going to get your car defected and possibly confiscated, you’re also voiding your insurance so if you have an accident you won’t be covered. You’re also giving other 4WD owners a bad name because yours is the car that people always see casing trouble and getting “harassed” by the police – for good reason. Sticking to the rules is not hard, so let’s all be sure that we do!

So there we have it. Hopefully you can agree with most of our opinions in our articles, but if not let us know why by commenting on each one!

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